Thursday, October 17, 2019

Using Marx's concepts and methodology, analyze a specific news story, Essay

Using Marx's concepts and methodology, analyze a specific news story, feature article, column, editorial, cartoon, advertisement, video, etc. published since January 1, 2014 - Essay Example According to unofficial but reliable information, the Argentines are currently faced with a nearly 30% increase in prices from 2013. It is however, estimated that things will move from worse to worst with a further projection to 45% in this year and further 56% in Venezuela occur. Interestingly it has also been noted that women have been taking their men to court as a way of seeking for alimony payments due to the tough economic times. Moreover, the informal sector has not been left behind from this wind as it is reported that even the extortion racket has doubled its fee of its so called protection over the past year. The president of the central bank in this country also confirms the case of rising inflation as he reported a 25% increase in monetary supply in 2013 alone which aimed at cushioning the government’s budget deficit. From the above sentiments it is possible to connect some of the Marx’s theories. For example, it is evident that human society is progressing through class struggle as a conflict between an ownership classes that controls the production is existing with those poor citizens who provide labor for production. It is no wonder Butros Sandra a 50 years old businesswoman running a market stall says, â€Å"they are toasting Champagne while the people become divided†. According to Marx, the bourgeoisie who are wealthy control the wealth at their own benefit and this would definitely lead to tensions something that is already eminent. This idea is further supported by Tucker-Marx-Engel reader (Karl Marx Friedrich Engels Robert C. Tucker pg 78). This is also the central argument proposed in this article and theorists Marx, Engel and Tucker. From the case study we are made aware of Venezuela which is already suffering from social unrest. According to Marx these are the tensions that accrue when a few wealthy personalities control the economy. To support this

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