Saturday, October 19, 2019

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT AND TESTING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT AND TESTING - Essay Example The above set is meant for a second generation student. Second generation students are those that are bilingual with English being their second language. As stated earlier, the test serves a core role of introducing the second speakers of English to the core basic principles and comprehension of English as a language used in learning in other various fields. Second language students require tests that serve to introduce them to learning English. The test, like the above one, should not apply jargons or tough vocabularies that may make them fail to understand the meaning of what the examiner requires. It should be simple straightforward and of course with some easily identifiable exam tricks. Existence of sound systems: the above questions can be effectively answered by a student reading the sentences loudly identifying the areas that require fixing of words. For instance, question 18 tests on preposition which is a part of speech (Byram & Morgan 45). Many students get involved in unnecessary practices and behaviors once they step on the university. Reading this sentence aloud allows the student to understand the basic language concept being tested. The student will definitely identify where the mistake is correct by choosing appropriately from the options given. Existence of grammatical systems is another language principle that has been employed in coming up with the above questions (Fotos & Ellis 76). Grammatical systems involve sentence structure with the noun, adjective, verb and adverb arrangement. It ensures logicality and easy comprehension of the sentences compiled. The other principle applied is meaningfulness of language. Language must be meaningful and practi cal in order to understand. Language must portray something that is naturally meaningful and practical in the setting. For instance, it will be grammatically correct for one to state that, the cat killed the lioness. However, the sentence

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