Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Impact of Politics on Business between Iran and United States and Dissertation

Impact of Politics on Business between Iran and United States and Russia - Dissertation Example This paper focuses on economical and political relations between Iran and United States and Russia and its impact on large and small businesses. It is proposed to conduct a research in order to determine the impact of politics upon the businesses amid the US, Iran and Russia. Correspondingly, the key objectives of the study will be as follows: †¢ To determine and identify advantages and disadvantages of political influence over the business activities †¢ To ascertain the importance of the political influence over business activities †¢ To explore the possible future prospects of the businesses among the US, Iran and Russia in relation to the impact of politics. businesses are required to perform their operations in adherence with social, political and environmental regulations for sustainability in the long run. The entire process of a business in the societal environment is to be governed by various legal frameworks and policies. Besides, the political trends in a nation are influenced by societal acts whether based on individuals, societies or businesses. The policies to maintain an equitable and healthy environment in the society are implemented by the government and political leaders influence the legal framework in which businesses operate and the market conditions as well. The political interfaces developed with the aim of restriction and flexibility may have an immense impact over the businesses, as these could benefits the businesses or may introduce an additional risk or threats.

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