Friday, November 1, 2019

Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Motivation - Essay Example There is also Ray, the hot sandwich server, who has also helped Ann to take up the slack as well as Peter, who works the hot entrees spot and interacts well with Lenny, who also entertain an expectancy of gaining the job based upon the efforts they have put into their work so far. Moreover, in arriving at a replacement, when Artie is restricting himself to Averil and Gloria as choices, he has failed to take into account the Lenny factor. Since Lenny is a temperamental sort and Artie already has problems with him, he must ensure that the candidate who is finally selected is one that can get along with Lenny as well as Ann did, in order to ensure that the kitchen functions smoothly without extra temperamental outbursts from Lenny, who is a very important employee. The key to successfully selecting the right candidate will involve a current identification of the expectancies of each employee. The Expectancy theory suggests that individuals, acting on the basis of their own self interest, will adopt those courses of action at work which are likely to maximize the probability of desirable outcomes for themselves.(Pitt, 2001:1). The theory is based on the assumption that valence, expectancy and force are the three determinants that influence a person’s motivation in choosing one decision over another. (Vroom, 1995). For example, factors that motivate employees to perform better is better wages, how their time is spent or how much appreciation they receive, or even how well they interact socially with other employees. Applying this in Lenny’s case, the expectancy model suggests that Lenny is not comfortable with changes. He is unlikely to respond well to an unknown employee such as Gloria for example. A desirable outcome for Lenny would be to maintain the status quo as far as possible, therefore an employee like Peter may be acceptable to him because he knows he can control

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