Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Health Morality and Student Success Paper

Health Morality and Student Success Paper Health: Morality and Student Success Paper 10/2/12 mike jenkins Health 2 mike jenkins 10/2/12 Student success paper #2 Values are moral rules that we hold for our self and what we care about. I value my family, honesty, and trust. We decide what our own values are by the way we are raised. Some may value education in a certain way an instructor teaches. Not all instructors teach the same way. There are two different types of ways an instructor can teach. One is by presenting the information and taking notes, the other is getting the whole class involved in class discussions, class activities and group work. To be successful on an exam you need to follow seven basic rules to prevent exam anxiety. The first is knowing what the test covers so you can study what needs to be known and not fill your head with useless information that you class has not covered yet or that won’t be on the test. The second is the test comprehensive? Comprehensive exams include all information from the beginning of the course. What is the format of the test, true or false, matching, mult iple choice, or subjective? By knowing this you can be prepared on how to answer your questions. Next, what level of thinking will be required? Most likely you will analyze and interpret the questions you see. Knowing how much of the test counts toward your final grade will help you decide how much study time to prepare for. Be prepared with what materials you need to bring to be successful. Lastly compare how much study

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