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Reflecting on Religious Expression and School Prayer Essay

This country is comprised of individuals from various ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic groups, sexual orientations, and faith traditions. Whether it relates to race, class, religion or any other category where one resides in the dominant group, it is tempting not to become oppressive and fail to show mutual respect to the diverse cultures and beliefs of other groups. Furthermore, as educational leaders, we must be equipped with knowledge around policies related to the above mentioned, so that we can enforce such and build upon those that need refining. In reflecting on religious expression and school prayer, it is important to realize the current legal issues and policies that should inform the regulation of such within the context of the†¦show more content†¦Any school promotion or endorsement of a students private religious activity is unconstitutional. There have been various acts across schools within this country to discriminate and demean students within schools because they follow faith traditions different than that of the dominant group. Thus, it is important to realize that though as a school body one cannot endorse or promote one religion or faith-tradition over another, as educational leaders we also should not engage in discrimination and disrespect for faith believes that do not align with ours or allow other students and staff to engage in such. Rather we must work to promote multicultural acceptance and mutual respect, celebrating the rich diversity among all individuals and groups. Landmark Cases There are three landmark cases most relevant to the discussion on religious expression and school prayer. Engle v. Vitale is a case where the Court held that recitation of a prayer composed by the New York State Board of Regents, which was to be said in the presence of a teacher at the beginning of school each day, was unconstitutional and in violation of the Establishment Clause. School District of Abington Township v. Schempp presents a case where the Court held that reading the Bible for sectarian purposes and reciting the Lord’s Prayer in public schools during normal hours were unconstitutional; however, the Court asserted that the Bible could be read as literature inShow MoreRelated Religion and Prayer Must Not be Permitted in Public School Essay1823 Words   |  8 Pagescountry was made up of people from more than one religious background, the government had to come up with a way to accommodate all of its citizens. Understanding the countrys diversity, the writers of the Constitution of the United States of America included in the First Amendment the words, Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise therof . . . (Alley, 24). The two parts of the religious freedom declaration became known as the FreeRead More No Prayer in the Public Schools Essay3232 Words   |  13 Pages   Ã‚  Ã‚   Over the past three decades, the issue of the role of prayer in the public school system has become increasingly controversial. The current debate juggles the opposing interpretations of the exact intentions of Americas Founders, who came from an other country, England, in pursuite of expanded freedoms. The first colonists in the 17th century especially desired religious freedom, because their former British government forced them all to learn and practice a centralized religion. ConsequentlyRead MoreAn Idyllic Mental Image Of Eileen1616 Words   |  7 PagesStill of school-age, Stephen’s distant admiration for Eileen initiates his recognition of women as sexual beings and foreshadows the important role women and relationships will play as he matures. When daydreaming about an idyllic mental image of Eileen, Stephen artistically compares her girlish â€Å"long thin cool white hands [to] a Tower of Ivory [and] her fair hair [to] a House of Gold,† (Jo yce 49). Stephen’s meticulous focus on Eileen’s physical features introduces him to viewing females as sexualRead MoreThe Effects Of Effectual Daily Prayer On Mental Health5652 Words   |  23 PagesRunning Head: EFFECTS OF EFFECTUAL DAILY PRAYER 1 EFFECTS OF EFFECTUAL DAILY PRAYER 2 The Effects of Effectual Daily Prayer on Mental Health in Adults Diane T. Bethmann, RN, MSN Student Jennifer M. Wood, MSN, RN Chamberlain College of Nursing Author?s Note Diane T. Bethmann, MSN Student, Chamberlain College of Nursing Jennifer M. Wood, Department of Nursing Faculty, Chamberlain College of Nursing Read MoreEssay on Personal Experience: Sunday Worship1900 Words   |  8 Pageschurch. I walked into the sanctuary prepared to participate in the Sunday School. I found a seat and readied myself to engage in some meaningful discussion. After sitting for several minutes, I asked one of the gentlemen who was standing at the front of the church if they had already started and where was the lesson coming from. He looked at his watch and indicated that he didn’t know if we had time for Sunday School. A puzzled look came over my face and I couldn’t help but express my confusionRead MoreFowler’s Theory of Faith Development: Understanding Prayer3920 Words   |  16 PagesFowler’s Theory of Faith Development: Understanding Prayer PSY 410: The Psychology of Spiritual Development Spirituality and religion play a significant role in shaping the lives of individuals. Regardless of whether you follow the practices of an organized religion, simply believe in the spiritual life force or claim to not ascribe to religious or spiritual traditions, all of these paths affect the way an individual interacts with the world around them. One of the major influences of religionRead MoreCulture and Religion8004 Words   |  33 Pagesstories, and more. It is within this world that our self-understanding takes place. By saying this, we have already stepped into the world of culture. We realize that religion cannot exist without cultural expressions. Religion, however, is not submerged into culture. Cultural expressions and embodiments of religion can and should be challenged by new experiences of faith. This is also true for Christianity of the past. They are a product of a meeting of faith and culture. In this sense, ChristianRead MoreSMSC12647 Words   |  51 Pagesacross the curriculum 19 7 Assessing SMSC in the primary school 27 8 Citizenship in secondary schools 34 9 The Christian ethos of the school and sex and relationships education 38 10 Resources and websites 39 1 Introduction Since the 1988 Education reform Act schools have had a statutory duty to ‘promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society’. The Education (Schools) Act 1992 underlined the importance of this duty by makingRead MoreThe Importance Of Scholarly Research Learning1921 Words   |  8 Pageshighest reported category for Muslim adolescents was adjustment disorder† (p. 107). Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were the second most frequently reported problem at 16.5 percent (Basit, 2010. P.107). Violent behavior at home, at school, or in the community is just 5 percent, and drug abuse is only 3 percent more than likely due to unwillingness to report because of societal perception. Internet/Media Resource Learning In contrast to the scholarly references, internet and media resourcesRead MoreThe Mystical And Contemplative Tradition Of My Faith And Signed Up For Ignatian Spiritual Direction Training3594 Words   |  15 PagesIntroduction At a session during a week of 24 hour daily prayer at our local church, something of the crisis of church in the C21st penetrated my soul. The church rector cried out on behalf of a church in decline. I took note. I had begun to explore the mystical and contemplative tradition of my faith and signed up for Ignatian Spiritual Direction training. I joined with a Christian business colleague to lead a small gathering of women who do not relate to church but who wanted to explore their

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