Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Information Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Information Policy - Essay Example Making cyber security training such as annual information assurance mandatory for all is not feasible. Institutions such as military should make it necessary as any information in the military is sensitive to national security. However, not all information is that sensitive. For example, access to class notes would not require such training as it would not pose a security threat. Such pieces of training whether in the workplace or by internet service providers might not be possible because of the hyped number of users and the costs involved. When a cyber-attack occurs, the cost of the breach is felt by the consumer, of computer-based service (Steven, Bucci, Rosenzweig & Inserra, 2013). The ISP and manufacturers of the software are not liable for the attack as per their contractual agreements. Most individuals due to lack of cyber security awareness tend to rely on antivirus protection applications. The software is for sale, and consumers who want security are encouraged to purchase them. Depending on the contractual agreements, antivirus providers can be sued if a malware commit a cyber-crime they claim they can prevent. For a stable and secure internet, three web characteristics must be preserved. The characteristics are permissionless innovation, collaboration and open access (Contreras, DeNardis & Teplinsky, 2013). ISPS, therefore, have a duty to ensure they preserve the above characteristics while providing that public access does not involve a breach of other people’s privacy. They should act when a violation of privacy occurs. According to Wired (2015), ISPs should search and shut off internet access to compromised PCs reported to them by cyber security companies. ISPs should ensure their subscribers are protected. One of the measures they should take is to blacklist a computer and users who use their Internet to commit unethical practices. ISPs should also share the information with other ISPs to ensure the dishonest users are blacklisted on

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