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Essay on Consumerism - 526 Words

If you want to know if all of our holidays have been turned into consumer driven shopping orgies, the answer lies in the major department stores. Take a walk through Macys or Lord or Taylor or any major store in Oct. and notice the Christmas decorations. Thats right, Christmas decorations. `Tis the season to break the bank. Our capitalistic society is always looking for a reason for driving consumerism and what better reason than a holiday! If theres a month without one, well make one up...just so we have some reason to put some useless piece of crap on sale. What ever happened to all the traditional values that are at the core of all or most of these holidays? Do we as a society even remember? Since its the holiday†¦show more content†¦The annual celebration of the American consumer economy- the holiday shopping season- is just underway... (The New York Times/12/7/03/ Is Wal-Mart Good for America?) The article is talking about the most popular shopping day of the season, Black Friday; the day after Thanksgiving. I must admit, I participate in the day of over indulgence. Every year, my mother, aunt, cousin, and I wake up at 5am and head off to the malls of New Jersey (to avoid the tax) and get as many good deals as possible. While Christmas may be the main shopping holiday, there are many other holidays that have been commercialized. Valentines Day is Russell Stovers goldmine. I mean, come on, nothing says I love you like a big box of fat. Then theres Halloween. This is another money making holiday for the candy companies. But also for whatever company makes those paper thin costumes that we dress our children up in to go wander the streets at night for candy. Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday to actually get in touch with your family over a delightful dinner. If your family is like mine, it usually ends up to be eating too much and fighting even more. Theres also the Macys Day parade to welcome in the official start of the shopping season. Lets not forget Easter; its the spring version of Christmas. Another religious holiday, the resurrection of Christ, has been attached to aShow MoreRelatedDisadvantages Of Consumerism1154 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"The study of consumerism in world history does not provide a definitive balance sheet on whether the long-term results are favorable or unfavorable. But it does provide perspective, allowing [a] greater understanding of what consumerism involves, and perspective...offers a greater capacity to choose...rather than being swept away by the latest enthusiasm† (Stearns, 159). Peter Stearns’ book â€Å"Consumerism In World History: The Global Transformation of Desire† offers an extensive perspective on theRead MoreConsumerism Essay1620 Words   |  7 PagesConsumerism – Bruce Dawe Poetry || 2009 Every society has mythology. In some societies, it’s religion. Our religion is consumerism. As we are constantly exposed to mass media and popular culture in our modern society, the insidious nature of consumerism has allowed it to penetrate into every aspect of our lives, dictating our very beliefs, values and wants. Nearly every individual in our society subconsciously conforms to the shallow and superficial mindset that characterises our consumerist cultureRead MoreEssay on Effects on Consumerism742 Words   |  3 Pages Consumerism is a description of society’s lifestyle in which many people embrace to achieve their goals by acquiring goods that they clearly do not need (Stearns, 7). The idea that the market is shaped by the choice of the consumers’ needs and wants can be defined as a consumer sovereignty (Goodwin, Nelson, Ackerman, Weisskopf, 2). This belief is based on the assumption that the consumer knows what it wants. Contrary to this logic, marketers convince us that the consumer does not know what theyRead MoreThe Problem Of Extreme Consumerism926 Words   |  4 Pagesextreme amount of consumerism, but why exactly? What are the possible causes of extreme consumerism? Some of the few possible causes contributing to mass consumerism would include: the want for consumption, the need for consumption, and possibly even hoarders. Although many of the possible causes listed above tie together, it’s quite interesting exploring these causes of extreme consumerism and being able to shine a small light on the subject. As mentioned, extreme consumerism is what makes theRead MoreConsumerism Is All Around Us747 Words   |  3 Pagesto carry out the day-to-day happenings of our lives, the people of the 21st century cannot seem to escape the ever-powerful grasp of corporate consumerism. While many are aware that consumerism is all around us, few understand the true extent to which it impacts our lives. With constant exposure to advertising it’s hard not to get sucked into consumerism. The advertisements we see influence our spending habits by convincing us that certain material possessions will improve our lives. This is problematicRead MoreModern Society and Consumerism Essay1035 Words   |  5 PagesConsumerism is defined as â€Å"the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable† (â€Å"Consumerism†). Its primary motivation is the idea that if one does not have all that money can buy, then he or she cannot be happy. This school of thought has beco me an integral part of modern society not only in the United States, but internationally as well. While the exact source of this term and ideology are debatable, it is certain now that consumerism is here to stay, intertwining withRead MoreConsumerism : The Great Gatsby, And Harrison Bergeron1441 Words   |  6 PagesConsumerism is defined as the increase in the consumption of goods. It is the theory that buying more goods will ultimately lead to economic advantages. Consumerism has destroyed the concept of the idealistic nuclear family in America, in favor of materialistic chaos. American society used to be content with the little things in life, up until the rise of consumerism, starting during the industrial revolution, but reaching its peak after World War II. Americans have become more occupied with theRead MoreEssay The Effects of Consumerism on Adults and Children1085 Words   |  5 PagesThe Effects of Consumerism on Adults and Children Consumers are creatively successful when designing a persuasive advertisement for increased profitability. In a normal household, it’s the parents who have the financial obligations; therefore, it would be wise to grab their attention. On the other hand, it takes less than a strategic mind targeting children because the simplest things fascinate them. Businesses have been perfecting commercials to be effective on the viewers, for years. AlthoughRead MoreConsumerism And Free Market Economy1509 Words   |  7 Pagescommercialism as essential in the enhancement of capitalism and free market economy. It can also lead to innovation competition of companies in meeting the needs of consumers. However, Commercialism can lead to an increase in wasteful consumption or consumerism. It can also lead to the depletion of natural resources in trying to meet the consumption needs of the people. Although commercialism have it draw backs, it is not all bad; commercialism promotes capitalism and free trade both of which are veryRead MoreHow Consumerism Changed The City London2342 Words   |  10 Pagesabriel and Lang (1995:3) define consumerism as a life â€Å"excessively preoccupied with consumption.† Individuals who are at the extreme end of the spectrum could be referred to as shopaholics. According to Bocock et al (1993) at the heart of consumerism is a belief that â€Å"goods and services specifically provide fun and enjoyment† for the consumer (Bocock et al, 1993, cited in Troy, 1995). It is a very important factor in our daily life as we are confronted with numerous products to choose from (Beer

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